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Where the sun is always shining

Where the sun is always shining

Where the sun is always shiningWhere the sun is always shiningWhere the sun is always shining

About Us

 "Welcome to Royal Tan where service, satisfaction, and cleanliness are our #1 priorities. We are committed to providing our customers with quality and professional services while focusing on safety and health by providing top of the line tanning equipment. Whether your needs are cosmetic or a desire for a healthier lifestyle, we have the solution that’s right for you. Our priority is making your visit as enjoyable, refreshing, comfortable, and relaxing as it can be." 

Tanning Equipment

Level 1 Sunstar ZX30

Level 3 Sundome XL 48

Level 1 Sunstar ZX30


 The Bio-Tech tunnel design surrounds you for fast, consistently dark all-over tanning results. 30 super-efficient, high-output 100-watt Wolff lamps shower you with UV light for a fast, dark, full-body tan. A wider, curved seven-foot tanning surface offers all-around tanning in a comfortable resting position. Staggered lamp design puts more lamps over the facial area for extended tanning coverage. Standard 20 minute bed. 

Level 2 Solaris 42

Level 3 Sundome XL 48

Level 1 Sunstar ZX30


 The brushed stainless steel design has made this all metal tanning bed the talk of the tanning industry. The intense power of this 42 lamp Wolff® system tanning bed gives you a beautiful, long lasting golden tan in only 15 minutes. The Xtreme Reflection™ facial tanning system will give you the dark tan you expect. This bed uses a proprietary phosphor blend that emits the perfect mix of UVA and UVB light to give you both immediate and delayed tanning results. 

Level 3 Sundome XL 48

Level 3 Sundome XL 48

Level 4 Sunburst 4500


 This specially designed booth is shaped to place you at the center of tanning intensity, so no matter where you stand inside the booth, you are being evenly showered with bronzing, all-over tanning power. The unique design creates a chimney-like effect, to create a cool, comfortable tanning environment. You will love the quick, 10-minute, no contact tanning session. 

Level 4 Sunburst 4500

Norvell Airbursh Spray Tanning

Level 4 Sunburst 4500


 You’ll be ready to steal the show in your new bikini and can start having some serious fun straight away. For those who can’t wait to get in the mood Ultrasun has developed the Sunburst 4500. Guaranteed to give you a superstar tan. This Turbo Bed will give you the ultimate tan in a short 15 minute session. 

Norvell Airbursh Spray Tanning

Norvell Airbursh Spray Tanning

Norvell Airbursh Spray Tanning


Norvell is an exotic sunless formula with a unique combination of violet and brown tone bronzers, designed to mimic the sought-after skin tones found on the beautiful beaches of the European Riviera. The unique combination of violet bronzers blends with all skin tones to produce a dark, long-lasting tan.

Unlimited Tanning Packages


Unlimited packages can be frozen for $5. Remainder expires one year from date of freeze. Packages are non-transferable, no sharing of packages, and are of limited term and are subject to hours of operation. All sales final, no exchanges or refunds. All prices are subject to change at any time. PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE TAXES!

norvell Airbrush spray tan

Before: ~Freshly Showered, Shaved, Lightly exfoliated ~Nothing on Skin (makeup, lotions) ~Wear Loose Dark Clothing After: ~ No Showering, Sweating, or Swimming for 24 hrs ~Moisturize daily ~When Showering make sure Alcohol is not in the first 3 ingredients! ~Pat yourself dry ~Hand wash only ~Be gentle when taking off makeup

Royal Membership

6 months or 1 year contracts!

  A valid Credit Card is required! 

Automatic Monthly Payment from Date of Purchase! 

Or You Can Pay for the Membership Upfront!

You can Freeze Your Membership for $10 up to 3 months! 

(Extends your Membership Expiration Date!)

Cancellation Fees: 6 Months-$25 ~ 1 Year-$50 

Membership Prices include tax!


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